Jenis Jenis Web Hosting Beserta Kelebihan dan Kekurangannya!

White Label Hosting is a type of Reseller Web Hosting without including the name or logo of the original party or company and selling it by rebranding it. This kind of infrastructure usually works for people who don’t want to enter into manufacturing or developing the product but still want to get into the web hosting reseller business.

In this article, we shall see in detail what you mean by white-label hosting. So, if you, too, are looking to start your own business and are exploring different web hosting plans and options, keep reading.

What is White Label Hosting in Reseller Web Hosting?

White Label Hosting in reseller hosting is a service provided by web hosting providers in which they provide permission for businesses or third parties to resell their hosting service by adding their brand name, i.e., rebranding it. 

In this kind of arrangement, the third party or business sells the hosting service under their name. The original hosting providers work in the background and manage the technical aspects such as maintenance, building infrastructure, and providing customer support.

This setup allows the original web host to concentrate on the core server activities, i.e., development and providing advanced hosting solutions, while the business or third party takes care of sales.

Advantages of White Label Reseller Hosting

  • Investment Cost is Low

The Initial investment cost of a white label reseller hosting business is low when compared to other direct businesses.

For example, if you start a business of your own, you would require an initial cost of investment, i.e., capital research and development cost, product maintenance cost, etc., but as a white label hosting reseller, these expenses are off your shoulders.

  • You Get a Consistent Source of Income

You also get an income source that is consistent and acts as a return on your investment based on your sales.

You can charge your client a yearly, quarterly, or monthly subscription based on your business model, build a sizable infrastructure, and make a substantial profit over a period of time.

  • Expand by Offering Related Services

You can offer additional related services like VPN services, training for handling and maintaining hosting, SD-WAN, etc. Furthermore, you can also expand your reach by offering your services to different geographical areas as well.

  • Assistance from the Parent Company

With white-label hosting, you get a helpful partner who takes care of any escalations and provides assistance with customer issues while sharing their technical expertise. This helps you to focus on your business while making sure the server with your client is running smoothly; it is your support system in the hosting world.

  • You Do Not Need to Have Technical Know-How.

Your hosting provider takes care of the maintenance of your server, giving you the freedom to handle sales and clients. You don’t need to have any expertise or technical know-how when starting or connecting with this business idea.

  • You Are the Ruler

With white-label hosting, you are the boss, which means you get to decide what you offer, marketing strategies and how your product looks. You have the freedom to build your brand just the way you want it.


White-label hosting is like your ticket into the web hosting world, and you don’t need any technical know-how or deep understanding of the product. You have your rules about your brand, so you have complete control to run it based on your rules. It is the best way of becoming a web hosting pro.