The Best Shared Hosting Services for 2023

In many cases, you may want to host multiple websites using shared hosting. Web hosting companies often offer a variety of shared hosting plans at very reasonable prices. On a lower level, it is often said that you can host more than one website. Technically, that’s true. Shared hosting is also usually the cheapest solution, and? plans? allow hosting of multiple websites. But there’s a lot of good news. 

Shared hosting is often the least desirable choice when dealing with multiple sites due to all the performance and security issues that come with the architecture.? 

As the name suggests, shared hosting clients share resources on the same server. This often means hundreds of people are competing for the same CPU, memory, and bandwidth.? 

To make matters worse, shared hosting accounts do not provide the necessary resource guarantees. You may have access to some processing power, but don’t use it when you need it most. Other server accounts can optionally transfer all resources, leaving all web pages on the server.? 

Finally, there is another important aspect. That is security. Even if you secure your own account and website, hackers can still access your server through an unprotected neighbor. It is not possible to guarantee that 100 people are responsible enough to remove all hacking threats. After looking at the pros and cons of each type of multisite hosting, you’ll find that there’s no single solution that will work in all cases.? 

Shared hosting is a good choice if you want to host a lot of small websites or personal websites. In this case, your site may not be critical and you may experience downtime if something unexpected happens. General service discounts are also available.? VPS hosting is the best option for almost any situation where you need to host multiple websites. It is very efficient and cost effective as resources can? quickly accumulate as your website grows.?? 

If you decide to use shared hosting to host multiple websites, the number of projects you can handle often depends on the host. The cheapest shared hosting plans usually only allow one website, while the mid-range and premium plans support three to an unlimited number.? 

With a VPS plan, there’s really no limit to how many websites you can host on one account. Note, however, that since resources are fixed, you must work within these limits to ensure that each site has sufficient server power. Dedicated servers can also host any number of websites.? 

Instead of focusing on the “number of sites” question, decide if the hosting plan you choose can support the number of projects you want to host with the amount of resources you have available. 


If you’re on shared hosting, you can use, a load testing tool that doesn’t require any manual work. You just need to verify your website like you would with Google webmaster or Bing webmaster. Once you’ve verified your website, you can enter the URL you’d like to test, the number of concurrent visitors you’d like to send, and you’re done!? 

We are hoping you have understood how many websites can be hosted using shared hosting. In the beginning to get an idea you may want to do these tests and understand what your actually requirements are and how much you can afford to scale with a shared plan given your budget.? 

In case you have any doubts, please share the same with us in the comments section below. Til then, please keep reading out blog posts and ensure that you make a sound decision while choosing a hosting provider for your website.?