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Lately, online security has become a serious concern among IT professionals, and around 90% of them know how serious these threats can be. Around 16.5 million web pages were hacked during the first quarter of 2022.

That is the reason the demand for VPS has been growing, as it is a secure setup and self-managed solution that lets you configure the server security as per your specifications, making it a popular choice for individuals and businesses when looking for NZ domain hosting solutions.

For more understanding of what a VPS solution is with regards to NZ VPS and what are the factors that drive VPS to be a flexible hosting solution, keep reading.

What is a VPS server?

VPS server is a combo of a Shared Server and a dedicated server. Such hosting is for those businesses who need more control over the website but won’t need a dedicated server for that. 

The fantastic part of a Virtual private server is that even though the website is hosted within its personal space, the server is shared with other users. 

Further, VPS hosting NZ offers clients customization and storage space, but they need to be more powerful to handle significant traffic.

It is the best option for businesses or bloggers that need independent websites but don’t have the technical know-how to manage them. As it falls between shared and dedicated hosting, that makes it a cost-effective option comparatively.

Important factors that make VPS Server Hosting extremely flexible. 

  • Separate server

What makes a Virtual private hosting server flexible is that the user gets a separate server, which gives them complete control over your server settings and administration. 

Due to this, Virtual server settings and configurations are not affected by any traffic boost in other websites as it is not shared. In contrast, users don’t get this flexibility when they opt for shared server hosting.

  • Source Access

Another important USP of the VPS server is its source access. That means you get administrative control over your VPS Server.

When you have complete control over your virtual server environment, you can make changes on your server as and when required i.e., you can easily install software, third-party applications, switch port settings, and more to increase your website’s security and performance.

This level of flexibility and the power to customize your server as needed is not available in a Shared Web Hosting solution. It doesn’t allow you to install custom software or upgrade your server yourself. If you wish to do that, you need to contact your provider to make small changes.

  • Set access hierarchy 

In Virtual Private Server hosting, you get the flexibility of controlled hierarchy, which means you get to make a setting in your server that allows access to your VPS server data based on hierarchy.

 Further, you can also make settings based on role and provide each role based on the systems they need to access—so that they only access those systems and not the whole server. 

This ensures that there are no deceitful attempts, random modifications, and human blunders and guarantees maximum VPS Server security and integrity. 

Thus, overall, a VPS Server Web Hosting solution guarantees the highest flexibility by allowing you to take complete control over your server, settings, configurations, performance, uptime, secu nd access hierarchy. 


VPS hosting is a flexible option as it is able to strike a balance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting

With VPS hosting, users get an assured amount of memory and processing power, securing a stable and reliable hosting experience. Further, it is great for customization and scalability as the website grows.